The Affiliate Program, which is designed for professional partnerships, is aimed at increasing their revenue through the promotion of a leading brand and connect with their user base.

In order to be part of our affiliate program, you have to formalize your affiliate membership at Once your account is approved, you will automatically have access to a wide range of promotional content. This content can easily be used in diverse digital platforms, and is regularly updated through promotions from BET brands, or highlighting of sporting events.

All the registrations and deposits in our websites that were originated through your links will be associated with your account.






GOBET - Entretenimento, S.A. a company registered in Portugal under company number 514968575, with headquarters at Avenida dos Combatentes, 43, 5A, 1600-042 Lisboa, Portugal hereinafter referred to as "GOBET".


- the individual person or company identified and specified according to the filling data of the membership form for this program, hereinafter referred to as "Affiliate",

the Agreement is hereby concluded, which shall be governed by the following causes:




1 - GOBET, in order to increase its revenues by promoting a leading and trustworthy brand with its user base, uses the advertising services provided by the "Affiliate", based on content branding that will be available, committing itself to a revenue share whereby all the registrations and deposits in your website originated through the permalinks in the Affiliate area will be associated with the Affiliate's account, guaranteeing a percentage of the revenue provided by the client.

2 - On the other side the "Affiliate" commits itself to advertise GOBET on its website respecting the present rules and limits.




For the purposes of this agreement, the terms that are an integral part of it shall be understood as follows:

a)?Active?Client - an individual person that after having is an account, makes a deposit and makes a minimum of one transaction per month.

b) New Client - An individual person who fulfill the legal requirements, and does not have any other player account in, make a registration in your website as a player and proceed a deposit;

c) Registration - The moment the player does the registration on the website;

d) Deposit - All the movement regardless of the method of payment used, which the player adds credit to its account;

e) Player account - The account bound to the registration of each player, in which all the transactions resulting from playing and online betting must be credited and debited;

f) Affiliate Account - The affiliate account is where all the debits and credits coming from this agreement?are registered and calculated;

g) Advertising material - all the mentions and artwork associated with the names, brands, images, logos, letterings, symbols, or websites constantly included in banners, images, graphic designs, and editorials that GOBET will make available to the Affiliate that cannot be modified or use it for other purposes that are not part of this agreement.

h) Website - the website exploits by GOBET depending on the market operated by.



(Formation of the contract)

1 - This Agreement is deemed to be concluded and will enter into force as soon as the Affiliate completes the available form. GOBET will transmit by any means its agreement, sending a declaration of adhesion that must be signed by the Affiliate, and after returned to its headquarters

2 - There shall be no payment of balances in favor of the Affiliate without the declaration referred to in the previous number having been returned to GOBET.



(Promotion by the Affiliate)

1 - In order to direct customers and new clients to the website, the Affiliate undertakes to establish an electronic connection with GOBET through any advertising material that GOBET has directly provided or is in its repository for the effect, whether it be?occasional material, such as that relating to promotions, events or competitions, or of a more lasting nature.

2 - The Affiliate agrees to advertise regularly all the promotional material provided by GOBET for this purpose.

3 - The Affiliate is prohibited from using any promotional material other than that expressly authorized by GOBET, which implies that the Affiliate doesn?t produce content with any reference to GOBET, nor alter any of the material available by GOBET.

4 - If certain materials are provided with precise indications about their use, such as dates and times that they should be displayed, the Affiliate undertakes to respect such indications.

5 - It is expressly forbidden for the Affiliate to promote GOBET using?iframes,?pop-ups, and?under pops.

6 - Affiliate is prohibited to build a network of sub-affiliates without prior written consent.

7 - The Affiliate is prohibited to proceed to register or to request registration application, as well as encourage a third party, of an equal or similar domain as "GOBET". "BET" and "BET ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED" or any other domain equal or similar to a BET ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED registered brand.

8 - The Affiliate is prohibited to bid on keywords, search terms or other identifiers for use on search engines, portals, sponsored advertising services, or other search or referral services that are identical or similar to "", "GOBET" or any trademark or brand licensed owned or licensed by GOBET. Also, any misspelling based on those keywords or any other association with such words, like, as an example: " apostas" is forbidden for the Affiliate. If an Affiliate desires to bid on such keywords, must submit that requirement for approval by Affiliate Program. GOBET can decline or accept such a requirement based on the best business interests.



(Minimum activity)

GOBET reserves the right to require a minimum of activity from the Affiliate. If an Affiliate doesn't acquire any new client in a 6 months period, GOBET has the right to reduce or terminate the affiliate's share of the revenue. GOBET will notify by e-mail if such of the mentioned options occur.



(Commissions - Revenue Share)

The commission owed by GOBET to the Affiliate is calculated every month as follows:

Up to 20% of all gross revenue generated by all active players associated with the Affiliate, after deductions of:

a) paid awards;

b) bonus costs;

c) rates, licenses and any other taxes applied by the regulatory bodies in the countries that GOBET operates.

d) returned, canceled, or void bets;

e) costs associated with fraud, money laundering, and the bank that GOBET may incur;

f) administrative expenses that GOBET may incur with payment processing to the Affiliate


If the Affiliate Commission on any calendar month is negative, GOBET has the right to carry the negative amount to the following calendar month. GOBET and Affiliate can reach a No Negative Carryover Agreement that enables the Affiliate to not carry over the negative commission to the following calendar month.

All affiliate's linked players that become inactive for more than a 6 (six) month period will be removed from the affiliate account forever.

Share of revenue between affiliate and GOBET shall last up to 3 (three) years from the moment the player makes his registration through the affiliate link.



(Method of payment)

1 - The calculation of commissions resulting from revenue sharing according to this Agreement shall be processed on a monthly basis.

2 - Upon receipt of the payment request as mentioned above, GOBET will verify and validate it, authorizing it within 10 (ten) days, and requesting the invoice issuance.

3 - Upon receipt of each invoice, BET will make the payment by bank transfer to the account provided by the Affiliate within 30 (thirty) days.

4- The company reserves the right not to pay commissions of less than 100.00? (one hundred Euros).

5 - GOBET doesn't take liability for the wrong payment details. It's the Affiliate responsibility to inform GOBET in advance of any update regarding payment details. It will only be paid invoices to verified entities. Every payment, that for any reason can't be processed, it's the Affiliate responsibility to reclaim the payment until 180 days, after this deadline, GOBET reserves the right to revert back the commissions.

6- GOBET only releases payments by wire transfer. GOBET doesn't take any liability in commissions between banks that might be charged to the Affiliate. Every payment will be made in EUROS (EUR).



(Transfer of balances)

1 - If the balance of the Affiliate is less than 100.00? (one hundred euros) in a certain month, GOBET may make such payment if a balance in favor of the Affiliate exceeds this amount.

2- In the case that the Affiliate monthly commission is negative, as explained in the sixth clause, the negative amount will be transferred for next month, unless GOBET settles a previous agreement with the Affiliate that prevents Negative Carryover.

3- GOBET reserves the right to forfeit any payment due by an Affiliate that won't be invoiced in a 6 (months) months period.



(Affiliate Platform and Affiliate Account)

1 - GOBET will provide access to a safe platform to the Affiliate, with safe and individual access protected by a password in order to check the balances and?transactions of the Affiliate Account.

2 - The Affiliate undertakes not to create more than one Affiliate Account (unless if agreed by both parties), nor to transmit, assign or transfer its account or the balance to any third party, including partners and employees, regardless of the nature of their connection, suppliers, creditors, and shareholders.

3 - The Affiliate undertakes not to open accounts in name of any third parties.




The Affiliate will be completely aware that they will advertise as a non-exclusive Affiliate, and nothing in the present conditions of this Agreement can be interpreted in the opposite way, the reason why GOBET can contract identical and similar services with third parties.



(Privacy and Confidentiality)

1 - GOBET has an extremely strict policy of personal data protection, so it will not share any personal data of its customers, and cannot be held responsible for the disclosure of the data that the company itself or the Affiliate makes of the information obtained in any other way.

2 - The Affiliate undertakes not to disclose any information related to GOBET or its activity, namely that which respects its business, its volume and plans, associated companies, suppliers, and partners.

3 - GOBET can express its consent in order to repeal the previous number, in which case such a declaration must be written and given in advance.

4 - In case the Affiliate obtains any personal data from GOBET even if it was not supposed, he undertakes not to process it anyhow apart from simply destroying it while making a notice to GOBET. In case this happens and for the removal of doubt, the Affiliate will not store, analyze, run, make copies of any nature, share with thirds or transmit any of that personal data.



(Affiliate Responsibility)

In addition to the other obligations of this agreement, the Affiliate is exclusively responsible to guarantee that:

a) it is legally authorized to practice marketing activity in Portugal, and its activity is practiced regularly in all standards;

b) it will not practice?spam?or even encourage it;

c) it does not make or address any kind of marketing actions to an underage audience;

d) it does not include or authorize defamatory or slanderous content, or any illegal content on its websites and/or ad spots, channels or anywhere Affiliate promotes GOBET brand(s).

e) it does not include or authorize offensive content on its spaces which urges or calls for violence, terrorism, racism, pedophilia, traffic in human beings, or contain messages with any kind of discrimination related to heritage, gender, race, ethnicity, language, place of origin, nationality, religion, political and ideological preferences, level of education, economic situation, or sexual orientation;

f) it does not include or authorize any kind of illegal transmission of data;

g) it does not include or authorize on its spaces any kind of content from unlicensed companies to work with online gaming and betting in Portugal, such as published on the website of the entity's control, inspection, and regulation of online gaming.

h) it will provide any legal document required by GOBET in order to fulfill the legal obligations



(Suspension and Accounts Closing, and Players Self-Exclusion)

Due to court order or any command from any legitimate authority, GOBET may suspend and close player's accounts without giving it any rights to the Affiliate.



(Validity of the agreement)

1 - The agreement will last indefinitely until either of the parties cancels it in writing.

2 - GOBET reserves the right and with immediate effect, to cancel for any reason its collaboration with any Affiliate of this program, which will happen in case of seeing its name, brand, image, branding, logo, lettering or website, or any other type of advertising material associated with any illegal transmission of content, as well as the promotion of pornographic, violent or illegal content in the spaces of the Affiliate, or if it detects advertising of game operators online services that are not authorized to work in Portugal, also assisting with the same extension due to its communication or business policy, and also when obliged to do so in compliance with judicial orders or emanating from any entity with authority.

3 - GOBET undertakes to avoid making unlawful and unjustified use of the possibility granted to it under the terms of the preceding paragraph, and that, whenever possible and appropriate, it shall communicate such a decision within the widest possible time.

4 - Upon termination of the agreement the Affiliate must remove all marketing materials provided by GOBET from their website and disable all the links that connect the Affiliate with GOBET.



(Denouncement effects)

After the denouncement of the agreement, all the obligations regarding data confidentiality will be maintained, as well as obligations arising from the intellectual property shall be maintained for both parties.



(Force Majeure Event)

The agreement shall not have any effects that depend on any human or technical performance affected by failure, damages or any malfunction resulting from events beyond control of both parties, such as so-called Acts of God, and natural disasters and events such as fires or floods, climatic and weather conditions, or terrorist attacks and events of war, regardless of any Emergency or State of Emergency is declared.




If any of the clauses of the agreement will be considered invalid by a court or any other competent organ, the reduction of a juridical act in which the present clause(s) will be considered as unwritten, keeping in force all other unaffected.



(Inter-parts effectiveness)

The agreement has mere effectiveness between parts and only them may invoke it for any legal effects.



(Relationship between parts)

Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as composing a joint venture, partnership agreement, agency, franchise or commercial representation, or a company complementary group establishing any commercial relationship between parts, in which independence will be maintained, and it cannot be understood as an extension or any relation with labor forum.



(Review of present terms)

1 - GOBET reserves the right to review the present terms, modifying them on its own website, and the Affiliate is responsible for being aware of its respective changes in the terms.

2 - Any maintenance coming from the Affiliate's participation under this agreement constitutes tacit and binding acceptance of such amendments.

3 - GOBET undertakes, in a reasonable way, to make an effort in order to notify the Affiliates if any relevant alternation is made.



(Forum and applicable legislation)

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the substantive laws of Portugal.?Any dispute, controversy or claim ("Dispute") arising out of or relating to this Agreement (including any question regarding its existence, validity or termination) shall be referred to and finally resolved by the courts of Portugal. The seat and venue of the court shall be Lisbon and the language of the arbitration shall be the Portuguese language.